Turn of the Century Into the Blend
Turn of the Century is about the passing of a torch from one century to the next. Throughout history, this passing has always been a significant period of time - from 1890's to the early 20th century; from the 1990's to the dawn of the 21st century - filled with both melancholy for the past and hope for a new beginnings.

Influences in art, music and architecture from the turn the previous century are still experienced throughout the world. The 19th Century European style architecture in New York City was a direct result of the desire to create an art and cultural center in America. New York City in particular, where many of the CD booklet's images art set, still lives with these influences

The music on Turn of the Century is an eclectic blend, shaped by those influences, as well as by jazz, 20th Century classical chamber music, popular music, poetry and the many sights, sounds and visceral experiences that only the art and cultural center can give.

Reflective in mood, the CD captures the character of these times when we consider the past
and the future coming together as one -
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