Turn of the Century Into the Blend



The basis for Jerry’s unique composition and performance style, as heard on driftwood, is derived from a passion for music in all forms combined with opportunities to learn from some of the best artists from various genres. Early In Jerry’s Career, he had the opportunity and privilege to study bass with Jimmy Garrison, famed bassist with the John Coltrane quartet. Later, while attending Classical Music classes at Hofstra University, Jerry was privileged to study Cello under the guidance of Seymore Benstock. At the same time, Jerry was utilizing his talents on Bass Guitar as a member of the band for legendary Jazz guitarist Joe Monk, a relationship that lasted 10 years. Jerry still considers Joe as one of the most significant mentors in his development as an artist.

Jerry is active in both the New York and Texas music scenes. Currently, Jerry resides in Plano, Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area) and has an extensive private music teaching, recording and performing schedule. Over the years, Jerry’s students have included Randy Coven, a noted NY bassist and recording artist and Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats also a noted blues artist.

Career Highlights:

  • Into The Blend; CD, released 1995

  • Turn of the Century; CD, released 2000

  • Wakened Dreams; Jazz Ballet

    • Commissioned in Long Island NY and performed at Eisenhower Park

  • Short Stories; Trio for Clarinet, Oboe and Cello

    • Performed by Naomi Drucker and the American Chamber Ensemble

  • “A Quiet and Gray” and “Inclination” (2 pieces); Trio for 2 Clarinets and Bass Guitar.

    • Performed by Stanley Drucker of the New York Philharmonic and Naomi Drucker of the American Chamber Ensemble.

  • Autumn’s Passage and Summer Cadence; Woodwind quintet

    • Performed by “Four Winds and a Horn”

  • Resolution Suite; Symphonic Suite for Full Orchestra

    • World Premier by the Chattanooga Symphony

  • Television and Radio performances and interviews

  • Magazine, newspaper and online articles

· Into The Blend - CD ·

· Turn of the Century - CD ·

· Wakened Dreams - Jazz Ballet ·

· Short Stories - Clarinet Trio ·

· A Quiet and Gray - Clarinet Trio ·

· Inclination - Clarinet Trio ·

· Autumn’s Passage - Woodwind quintet ·

· Summer Cadence - Woodwind quintet ·

· Resolution Suite - Symphonic Suite ·

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